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You never got married, but you had a baby. That child is the most important thing in the world to you. You want to make sure your child is protected. Maybe you and the other parent got along great for years, and now you just cannot work it out among yourselves any more. Maybe the two of you lived together and you just broke up. All of the sudden, you can no longer visit with your own child! Maybe you are worried that if you let the other parent visit without a court order, he or she won't give the baby back. How can you keep your children out of the middle? 

Children are expensive to raise. How are you both supposed to afford to support the children. What if you need daycare- who pays? What if you don't like the other parent's babysitter- can you object? Parents worry about their children. Problems need to be solved. You are no longer together, but you still share a child. You need help learning how to cooperate for the sake of your child's future.

A California paternity suit is an action filed in court when two people were never married, but have children together. A paternity suit is filed in the same court as a divorce action. This court is called the family court. (The local courthouse that handles these types of cases in the Temecula and Murrieta areas is located in Hemet.)

It is time to get an attorney to help you settle custody and support. The court process will take about three months to complete.

Albert and Edna lived together for three years, and had a baby together. When they broke up, Edna would not let Albert see the baby because she was afraid Albert wouldn't give her back. Edna also needed money to help raise her. Albert filed for paternity and the couple agreed that Albert was the dad. Albert gave Edna money for support and he was able to see the baby often. Once the couple had a court order, they were able to work together to raise their daughter.


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