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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is more than physical violence. It is any use of force or fear to control another person. Domestic violence includes:

• Throwing things

• Breaking things

• Taking one's cellphone

• Tracking one's movements

• Preventing someone from making a phone call

• Preventing someone from leaving a room

• Preventing someone from leaving the house

• Going through one's purse or wallet

• Going through one's cellphone

• Reading someone's e-mails

• Hacking into someone's e-mail account

• Punching walls

• Keeping someone up at night

• Following someone

• Excessive telephone calls

• Excessive text messages or e-mails

• Refusing to leave someone alone

• Following someone from room to room

• Following someone in his or her vehicle

• Hiding one's personal property

• Using the children to punish the other parent

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